Wednesday, April 20, 2011


When my co-workers explained to me that the next topic for our photo assignment would be spring, it took me a while to try to come up with an idea. Capturing the essence of spring with a photo would not be an easy task. First I thought of the usual ideas like flowers, or a beautiful sunset on a clear day. But I didn’t want to come up with the same old thing that every one else was probably gonna do.
Then it came to me, spring is new life, time for new beginnings. It’s the time when all the animal’s that have been ducking out for the winter, making sweet animal love, give birth to all their new young. But where do I find a deer popin out little deer? I live in the city for pete’s  sake! This was a great idea, but unless I come up on some sewer rats, highly unlikely.  This was very discouraging.
After some more thought it came to me, my sister ‘n’ law just invested in some goats. Don’t ask why it’s another long story. So I gave her a call, and sure enough one of the mammas was going to give birth at any time! YES!!!!

This is our mamma now, heavy in labor all day long

I waited all day long, hopeing to get these shots and this was the view i got for the better part of the day.
This is the placenta working it's way out.
There was some issue's, little mamma just wasn't makeing it happen. So my brother 'n' law had to help out by pulling the first one out.

This was the look on little mamma's face when the baby was being pulled out of her.

The first one paved the way for the next two
Yes, it was a little messy!

Mamma goat did well, and the baby's in perfect health. Here are the two brother's, and one sister now.    All in all..... it was a beautiful thing to witness.


  1. Yes, Gabriel, Spring is indicitive of new life! I have always said, that you, my son, view life through a different dimension than the rest of us average beings. This article, the thought process behind it, gives us all a little peek into that wonderful mind of yours! Witnessing this miracle of our Lord, is truly heart warming (and perhapos such a little messy lol..)My Grandbabies will not forget this day, I am sure of that! <3<3<3

  2. Amazing photos! Gifted instincts, Gabriel. Nicely done. Even your extended family way up here in Anacortes, WA look on proud! Much admiration and affection from cousin Joanne